Duchesne students are known for their service to our community and many of our graduates have continued that tradition in their adult lives beyond Duchesne. We checked in with previous Archbishop May Service Award winners to see how they have stayed involved in their communities. Their responses are highlighted in the Fall 2017 issue of Leaves and given in detail below.

(Links will open for those awardees whom we were able to contact for the 2017 issue of Leaves. Winners subsequent to 2017 have been added in order to provide a complete list for you here.)

1994 Stacy (Kent) Crawford

1995 Michael Kleffner

1996 Kevin Hussey

1997 Ken Hussey

1998 Tim Miller

1999 Sarah Brown

2000 Dan McCoy

2001 Tim Stewart

2002 John Hecei

2003 Marcus Rothermich

2004 Julie (Vogt) Bross

2005 Dan Amiri

2006 Tanner Boyd

2007 Stephen Dutrow

2008 Matt Eastman

2009 Elizabeth (Beckmann) Seier

2010 Curtis Strubinger

2011 Tyler Merkle

2012 Michael Busche

2013 Clara Hughes

2014 Ryan Pannullo

2015 Madeline Wappelhorst

2016 Nick Thiele

2017 Nathan Logan

2018 Kenzie Krieger

2019 Matt Klekar

2020 Kekoa Disabatino

2021 Sara Kerkemeyer

2022 Sally Schaeffler

2023 Mary Kathleen Beckemeier