St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Service Awards

Duchesne High School is blessed with hundreds of parents, graduates, faculty members and friends who selflessly give their time and talent for the benefit of our school.  Through the St. Rose Philippine Service Award, we hope to formally recognize and honor those volunteers who have consistently provided outstanding service to the Duchesne community.

The St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Service Award is presented to one recipient each year.  An ideal candidate for this award will embody the following qualifications:

  • Works diligently to further the mission of mind, body and spirit through generosity of time and resources
  • Serves as a role model for others in our school community
  • Inspires others to engage in volunteer service
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, whether in formal volunteer leadership roles or in mentoring activities
  • Volunteers with no expectation of recognition, compensation or rewards

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