Course Selection Guide

Course Selection Guide 2024-2025

Choosing high school courses is an important aspect of a student's education. Courses form the foundation for the student's future pursuits. It is also part of a student's education in commitment.

Therefore, in selecting courses, take the following factors into consideration: the student's abilities, goals, and plans for the future, and present interests. The student should discuss those factors with teachers and parents. If additional guidance is desired, the student should make an appointment with a school counselor. It is desirable to plan a four-year program, so a logical sequence of courses can be

When a student registers for courses, he or she makes a commitment to pursue those courses during the following school year. A schedule change should not be expected. Part of a student's education is learning how to deal with situations as they arise, rather than fleeing from them. The school's master schedule is constructed on the basis of students' course registrations in February. Therefore, after a student receives his or her schedule, it is unlikely that there would be space for a student to enter a course for which he or she did not register in February.

Course overrides must be completed for students who want to register for a course for which they were not recommended. If a student registers for a course at a level not recommended by the department he or she may not drop or change the course at semester.

If a student is planning to enter college, he or she should check college entrance requirements in the counseling office.