Reunion Tips

Reunions bring together old friends. They give you a chance to look at your youth with new eyes -- the challenges of growing up, the silly things you did, the difficult things you accomplished, the heartbreaks you survived. They also remind you of how quickly time passes. Planning reunions can be exhilarating and intimidating. But, always, well worth it.

Here are some tips to help you make them happen:

Planning the Reunion

First, gather a committee. Begin with your class officers and invite a few others who might be in town to help with arrangements. The committee can share in making decisions and in doing the work.

Call Duchesne's Office of Advancement at (636) 946-2603 or e-mail for a list of your class members. After reviewing the list, notify the office if there are corrections, so your mailing labels will be up-to-date.

What Kind of Gathering?
Reunions can be formal or informal; they can be one event or several events spread over a weekend; they can include families or be limited to adults. Keep in mind that you will want to plan at least one event that will attract as many classmates as possible.

Possibilities: dinner, dance, picnic with games, golf/tennis outing, cocktail party, Mass or prayer service.


We strongly encourage you and your classmates to come back to where it all started -- at DHS!! Many classes have had their reunion in the PAC (Performing Arts Center, aka "the old gym") in the last few years. And all with great success. 

The photos below are from the Class of 1973's reunion held in Duchesne's Performing Arts Center on September 22, 2018.



Some classes have a Mass celebrated prior to their reunion party. If your group has a priest who can do that for you, we welcome you to use the Duchesne chapel for your Mass, after which you can walk the halls to relive special memories and see how your alma mater has changed.

The place and the activity for each reunion event will determine the cost per person. When making arrangements at halls, restaurants or clubs, be sure to ask exactly what services are included in the price. Don't forget to add in the cost of mailings, nametags, decorations, etc. You will want to print the total cost of the event (per person or per family) on the invitation.

Duchesne charges only $150 to use the PAC for your reunion. Some decoration items are available for loan.

When you have decided the details of the reunion, including the reservation information and cost, call Duchesne's Office of Advancement for a computerized list of labels for your mailing. (There is no charge, but donations are accepted to defray our expense.)

Spread the Word
Duchesne will publish your reunion information on the website's Alumni page and in the upcoming issue of our annual Leaves alumni publication, if the timing is appropriate. As soon as you have your details finalized, call the Office of Advancement at (636) 946-2603 or e-mail (Leaves is published just once a year in the fall so planning ahead is important.)

Who's Who?
Capture your fun on film -- and share your photos with the Office of Advancement at The Office of Advancement will print a group photo of your class reunion. When snapping the shot, get as close as you can (eliminate the background, we want to see your classmates) and try to keep all faces visible. Please include identification (by rows, if possible) when submitting the photo for publication.

Keep Us Up-to-Date
We are working toward a more electronic system of communication in our alumni office. With e-mail addresses we can keep our graduates up-to-date at a very low cost. Please collect e-mail addresses of those in attendance and share them with us. Thank you!