2024-2025 Athletic Drug & Alcohol Policy

  • The Duchesne Athletic Department believes that participation in athletics is a privilege. When a student chooses to participate in athletics at Duchesne, they must also accept the responsibility of representing Duchesne High School.  One of these responsibilities is to refrain from use, illegal possession, sale, of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and smokeless tobacco (e-cigarettes) and to refrain from being present where students/minors are using drugs or alcohol.

     The Athletic Department also believes that participation in high school athletics develops a close relationship between students and their coaches. These relationships offer valuable opportunities for coaches to aid in the growth of the student athlete. Based on the input of parents, our coaching staff, our athletic director, and our administrative team, the following steps will be taken to implement our policy:

    Definition of an Offense

     An offense shall constitute the illegal use, consumption of, sale, or the individual being under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes or being present at a student/minor gathering where students/minors are using drugs or alcohol.

    1.  First Offense

        a) In Season – Suspension for 1/3 of the sports season. If suspension exceeds the season, it will carry over to the next sports season the athlete normally participates.

        b) Out of Season – (time period during MSHSAA authorized sports season an athlete is not involved in athletics) Suspension for 1/3 of the season. This would be applied to the next full sports season in which they normally participate.

    2.  Second Offense

    Suspension of the athlete from all sports competition for one calendar year from the date of notification. Appeals after the second offense are not permitted.

    3.  Third Offense

    Student will not be allowed to further participate in athletics or activities, and may be asked to withdraw from Duchesne. 

    Concerns Regarding the Implementation and Execution of this Policy

    1.  Suspension for the first offense applies to games. It does not apply to practices nor does it impede an athlete’s ability to be a member of an athletic team during the season in question or future seasons.

    2.  Suspension for the first offense shall carry an intake interview in conjunction with the specified penalty. This interview is necessary prior to an athlete’s return to the sports program.

    3.  Although tobacco use carries with it the penalties under the “drug” provision, it shall not require an intake interview.

    4.  The reporting violations of the DHS Athletic Drug Alcohol Policy will be as follows:

      a.  All violations shall be reported directly to the Administration and the Athletic Director.

      b.  Reporting agents must identify themselves to be considered a reliable source.

      c.  It will be the responsibility of the dean of students to make a judgment concerning the alleged violation in conjunction with input from the athletic director and an interview with the athlete.

      d.  If it is determined that a violation of the policy has occurred, he shall notify in writing the coach of the sport in question, the athlete, his/her parents, and the administration of the punishment.

    5.  Process for the athlete’s appeal:

      a.  The athlete may appeal any decision under the following conditions:

         1)  The appeal must be in writing and signed by both the athlete and his parents or guardians

         2) The request must contain specific reasons for the appeal.

         3) The committee will consist of the administrator, dean of students, the athletic director, and a member of the coaching staff of the athlete’s choosing shall review the appeal.

         4) The meeting of the committee shall give the athlete opportunity to state his case; furthermore, his parents or guardians may request to address this meeting as well. This meeting shall take place as soon as possible after the appeal

         5) The committee shall inform the parents of the decisions concerning the DHS Athletic Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • We have read and understand the above policy. If we choose not to sign this document the athlete will not be able to participate in any sports at Duchesne High School.

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