Permission Form for Private Transportation

  • Transportation to OFF CAMPUS athletic events will be provided by bus in many instances, but in the event there is NO bus transportation available; teachers, coaches, parents, or student vehicles may/will be used to transport the team. Student drivers are responsible for the safety of the students in their car (all wearing seat belts, etc.) and are expected to drive safely.
    In order for your daughter/son to participate and be transported please complete, sign, and return the following statement of consent and release of liability. As a parent and legal guardian, you remain fully responsible for any legal responsibility which may result from any personal actions taken by the named student.
    I hereby consent to my daughter/son  being driven/driving to away contests where transportation is not provided by Duchesne High School. I understand that all events will take place away from school. I further consent to the conditions stated above on participation in this event, including the method of transportation.

    I have read the rules listed above and give consent and permission for my daughter/son to drive other students to athletic events off campus and back to Duchesne after the events.

    I have read the rules listed above and I will drive my daughter/son to ALL off campus athletic events where a bus is not available. My daughter/son does NOT have permission to be transported by a student driver.