Sports Participation Fee

  • The Duchesne Athletic program aims to provide opportunities to its students to participate in a full compliment of interscholastic sports. The cost of the programs is subsidized by the Duchesne Athletic Boosters in the amount of over $50,000 per year through the Athletic Boosters' "Lottery Ticket” sales program and other fund raising along with gate receipts and donations to the athletic program.
    Due to the rising costs of providing team transportation to many of the contests, referees' cost, entry and membership fees and facility costs, each athlete will be charged a $100 participation fee per sport with a two-sport fee limit ( a student playing a third sport is not charged). The fee will be assessed at the beginning of each season.
    Please complete this form and return it to the athlete’s coach along with a check payable to Duchesne High School. This registration fee must be received by the athlete’s first sporting event to be eligible to play.

  • I understand that: Refunds will only be granted if a student is deemed unable to play for medical reasons by a physician before the midpoint season. *Payment does not guarantee "playtime".