Summer Reading

Summer Reading List 2023-2024

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Advanced Placement World History Review Materials


Welcome to Honors World History II also known as Advanced Placement World History: Modern. In the Fall, you will get the opportunity to decide if you would like to register for the AP World History test that is administered every May. There are many benefits to sitting for this test. We will discuss those benefits in class in early September. To ensure that all students are prepared for the rigor of the class, regardless if you are registering for the AP test, there are some review materials that should be looked over before school starts in the Fall. An assessment of those review materials will take place the first week we are back in class. In addition, investing in your own skillset is crucial to your success in AP World History. Some of those skills that you can continue to work on over the summer include the following: general writing skills; knowing your Geography; and reviewing content covered in earlier grades. Specifically, knowing the political geography of the world, and reviewing the slides that are included.  

I am looking forward to a great school year. Have a wonderful summer! 


Mrs. Brune