Archdiocese High School Athletics Code of Behavior

    • The conduct of all involved in education based athletics: student athletes and parents must represent the Catholic educational institutions that they represent at all times.  An expectation of Christian language and behaviors is always required and any deviation from this standard is never acceptable in any athletic setting or contest and will not be tolerated.


    • Student spectators and fans are expected to cheer for their team and never against the other team or individuals.  Isolating a member of another team through taunting or cheers is never acceptable in any athletic contest and will not be tolerated.  Students, parents, and fans are there to support the missions of their school and uphold the fan expectations of education based athletics.


    • Student social media must always reflect the values and teachings of the Catholic Church.  Social media is a vehicle to help communicate information about and help promote an athletic program or team.  as such, social media postings should be informative and positive in nature.  They should never engage another school or any athletes from an opposing school in any matter that does not lift up their opponent and celebrate the gifts and talents of one another.  Students are always representing their Catholic schools through their social media posts and these posts should always represent the mission of their Catholic school.

    I have read and understand the above information presented by the Archdiocese of St. louis and agree to abide by these standards.