Duchesne House Program

The House System enables us to more effectively fulfill the mission of Duchesne by fostering leadership skills, expanding our mentorship program to all students, and increasing service participation, all while building a stronger sense of community.

Students are given greater control of their non-academic time to explore different issues relevant to teenagers, work in a larger capacity with the leaders of the school, participate in ongoing service opportunities, and compete in friendly competitions.

Our House System makes the transition to high school easier by providing a sense of belonging in a small community across all levels, interests, and activities.

  • Leadership

    Students play a major role in managing everything from mentor groups to the overall governance of the House System. With the help and support of the communio (formerly homeroom) teachers, students receive age-appropriate leadership training and support.

    Many of our students are in defined leadership roles, where others lead by example and work behind the scenes. Whatever their leadership looks like, the goal is to teach and provide opportunities to form tomorrow's leaders.

  • Mentorship

    During communio, mixed grade level groups provide students with the opportunity to establish relationships across all age ranges. The benefit are twofold: students have a guide during their first years at Duchesne, while later on, they get the chance to support others when they are upperclassmen.

  • Service

    With this system in place, students have greater opportunities to participate in service, both within our Duchesne community and in the surrounding area. Each House has partnered with an organization to help fulfill its mission.

  • Community

    The House System fosters a sense of community and belonging from the moment a student walks in the door. The core family values at the heart of Duchesne are enhanced and further reinforced by this collaborative and caring program.


A faculty member who oversees one particular House and works to develop the leadership. He/She assists students in planning programming for their House.

Elected student leaders are in charge of one House. Currently each House has a male and female captain. They are responsible for planning programs and events, in addition to working with House Officers to create a cohesive House.

An elected student leader with strong academic gifts, who will organize tutoring for his/her House members. He/She also is responsible for planning programming designed to increase academic performance.

An elected student leader with a strong spiritual presence, who will organize House prayer services and mass, as well as organize the House service projects.

An elected student leader who has strong motivation skills. He/She will lead House cheers, motivate students to attend marquee events, design spirit wear and plan House ceremonies.

An elected student leader who has athletic understanding. He/She will help organize House games and tournaments, design competitions, and find participants for those games.

An individual selected by House Leadership to mentor incoming students. The mentor is a student in the incoming student's House and Communio. Incoming students have daily access to their mentor.


Students are placed in Houses and Communios and will remain a part of the House and Communio all 4 years.

A group of students from every grade level who meet everyday building community and supporting through House activities. Students will have the same Communio teacher all 4 years.

The mixed grade levels and Communio teachers establish a more personal relationship so a student is comfortable with other students and their teachers with daily life.

Students have the ability to create friendships with students across the grade levels. This builds the mentorship program which will help with the underclassmen in school work and prepare them to be mentors when they become upperclassmen.


Upperclassmen mentor the underclassmen in the ways of Duchesne and how to become leaders in the community.

Teachers and student leadership deliver programming to students designed to create greater leadership, mentorship and school spirit during Communio time.

Communio time on Friday is dedicated to an activity designed to increase bonding and school morale. Typically House points are given to the House that preforms the best in the activity.

Is a select Duchesne home game from any sport that the House system sponsors in efforts to increase attendance. The House with the highest attendance percentage wins a House points.

The House Cup is awarded at the end of the year to best performing house. Points are awarded for a variety of different competitions, these events are based on mind, body, and spirit.

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