Arrival in Frontier Town, St. Charles

 September 7 to October 3, 1818

 Overarching Essential Questions:

 What do you know about St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and her quest to fulfill her life dream, compelling her to travel from France to the Missouri frontier?

  • How long are you willing to wait for your dream to come true?
  • Is it worth facing obstacles to pursue your dream?
  • How can obstacles become opportunities/building blocks in your life?

 Topical Statements:

  • Philippine faithfully follows God’s plan for her mission, despite temptations and incredible adversity. We invite you to celebrate Philippine’s arrival in St. Charles which marks the END of her long journey and the BEGINNING of her missionary dream job!
  • Research the historical roots of St. Charles, Missouri, where Philippine will make her home and found the Academy of the Sacred Heart, the first free school west of the Mississippi River.
  • Philippine plants the “seed” of desire for education west of the Mississippi River. Explore how she starts a school just ONE WEEK after arriving in St. Charles, and how her zeal for education influences the Missouri frontier.

 Click here for common resources.

 The resources below are designed to help students immerse themselves in Philippine's journey to America.  Pick and choose from the activities listed in suggested order.


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