Endowment & Scholarships

Endowment gifts are a long-term, significant investment that provides long term operating support; provides tuition assistance and scholarship grants; offers professional development or meets other specific goals as outlined by our donors. Endowed gifts are made in a variety of ways: memorials, tributes, bequests and other planned gifts, as well as traditional gifts of cash or stock.

To make a donation to the Duchesne High School Endowment Fund, please click here.

What is an endowed scholarship?

An endowed scholarship can be established with a single gift or through installments. Monies in the endowment are then restricted for the intended scholarship, and applied according to the scholarship's pre-established directive. A scholarship can be partially endowed and named with a gift of $25,000 and the intention to complete the endowment over time. With a fully endowed scholarship, (a minimum of $40,000), the earnings may be awarded according to the directive, but the principal is never touched. Duchesne is proud of its endowed scholarships and is grateful to the generous and thoughtful friends of the school who have made them possible.

Duchesne Non-Endowed Fund

Duchesne High School also maintains an investment-based, non-endowed fund that is treated much like the endowed fund, but offers the school a little more flexibility in its use. Monies from this fund are used primarily for tuition assistance, professional development, and scholarships.

Memorials and Gifts of Honor

Family and friends can choose to memorialize or honor a loved one with a donation to the school. Please provide the name and address of the honoree or the surviving relatives, and we will send a formal acknowledgement of your gift.

If you are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship, would like to contribute to a fully or partially endowed scholarship, or would like to contribute to the non-endowed fund, please contact Nancy Kohl at 636-946-6767, ext. 6925, or nkohl@duchesne-hs.org.