Family Scholarships

At Duchesne, we realize that Catholic education is a sacrifice and major commitment on the part of our families. While our scholarships are important, the vast majority of our tuition is awarded based on the demonstrated financial needs of our families. We look to partner with families in an endeavor to provide a high quality, faith-based education for as many as possible.

As partners, our families make a Duchesne education a priority, both in budgeting their financial resources and their time. Families are eligible to apply for financial aid after being accepted and registered to attend classes for the upcoming school year. While our financial aid is significant, it is also limited. We strive to fund the needs of as many families as possible. 

A Duchesne family requesting need-based financial assistance is required to fill out the FACTS online financial needs assessment. Some of our scholarships are need-based as well and require completion of the FACTS assessment. All submissions to FACTS must be made by February 8, 2024.  All scholarship forms are due to Duchesne at this time as well. 

Please click HERE to access the online FACTS Financial Needs Assessment. The March 31 deadline is critical, as funds are limited and awarded based on need and availability.

The information you provide is confidential and is not shared with third parties. Distribution of available Family Scholarship funds is made by the Financial Aid Committee. Families are notified of any financial awards in February 2024. If you feel the assistance is not sufficient, you are able to request a review.

Our need-based Family Scholarships are broken into three areas primarily: Direct Tuition Assistance, Work Study, and Scholarships (which needs the Scholarship application form).

Duchesne Family Scholarships

All students who complete the online FACTS Financial Needs Assessment are automatically considered for Family Scholarships - no application is required. The award amount varies and is based solely on financial need. Awards are not renewable and students must re-apply each year via the FACTS Grant & Aid Application. 

Summer Work Program

A significant portion of our need-based financial aid is dedicated to our summer work study program. Work study applicants must complete the Work Study Application to be eligible for this type of financial aid. Students are awarded 4-8 weeks during the summer; Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

We are flexible and will work around vacations, camps, or tryouts. While we truly encourage and promote participation in the camps and tryouts, due to scheduling limitations, we may not be able to replace all hours missed for these reasons.  

Please click here for the Summer Work Program Application.


Please review our Scholarships page and application form for specific need-based scholarship information.