New Registrar Joins Duchesne Staff

This month, Duchesne welcomed Patricia “Patsy” Fink to its staff as its new registrar.  Fink is taking over for Michelle Giessman, and will also be working as an assistant in the business office.  Giessman will be transitioning to a part-time role at the Trading Post, Duchesne’s school-apparel store, as well as assisting in the advancement office.

Fink and her family moved to St. Charles from Bridgeton in 2018.  She and her husband Bob have five sons, all of them Duchesne graduates or current students. 

Fink is looking forward to this opportunity to work at the school where her boys have spent so much time.  

“I love being a part of what the kids do,” she said. 

The registrar is responsible for a multitude of duties, some of which include the processing of new students, setting up freshmen testing days, assisting with high school ceremonies, and providing final transcript information to colleges and universities. 

When asked about her new position, Fink remarked, “I like being a helper, and doing anything that makes coming into the school a little easier.  I’ve been watching Mrs. Giessman, and I see how she has made incoming students feel like they’re part of a family.”

Michelle Giessman says Fink is just the right person for the job.    

“She’s got this,” said Giessman with a smile.