Esports Coming To Duchesne High School

Duchesne High School will soon be offering students the opportunity to compete with players from around the world in its new Esports Center. The center will boast several large-screen TVs, the latest video game platforms, and a suite of gaming PCs.

Interest in esports began to grow at Duchesne after the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) sanctioned it as an official sport. Duchesne’s Director of Technology, Kim Choinka, saw the school's old library as the perfect location for this new endeavor.    

"That space is incredible," Choinka said. "All the other schools that I'd seen had it [esports] in a little computer room, and I wanted an arena-type setting."

Choinka has been spearheading the project, and students at Duchesne are excited to see this new opportunity come to the school.

"It opens a lot of doors for new students who come to Duchesne," explained junior, Patrick Rone. "I'm really looking forward to the new competitiveness and new sports programs that we're going to get from it."

The Esports Center is just one part of the new Tech Center that will also house a television and radio studio, allowing students to take classes in broadcast media and video editing. According to Choinka, Duchesne students will be able to gain skills in a setting not found in most high schools.

"It looks like a college. It doesn't look like a high school," said Choinka.  "That's my goal. My goal is to go big."

The Tech Center will be featured as the Fund-A-Need item at the Pioneer Expedition Dinner Auction on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

Duchesne High School is a college-preparatory Catholic High School located in St. Charles, MO. Our mission is to educate the individual student as a whole person: mind, body, and spirit.