Duchesne High School | School Profile


At Duchesne High School, we are guided by one mission: to educate students in mind, body and spirit. We are a Catholic, coeducational, college preparatory school with a tradition of excellence reaching back to 1924. Challenging academics, competitive athletics, and vibrant student activities create a thriving community where faith is our cornerstone. Combined with our superior academic opportunities and college preparatory environment, our affordable tuition positions Duchesne as an outstanding value in private Catholic education.

While students follow a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, Duchesne High School's programs are designed for a wide range of academic abilities, from honors courses and an elite Scholars Academy that challenge the intellectually gifted to basic courses that strengthen fundamental skills. A variety of elective courses allow students to tailor courses of study according to personal interests and career goals. Additionally, students can choose from 19 advanced college credit courses, covering all core academic subjects. Our college acceptance rate is 100 percent, and many graduates earn significant scholarship offers for superior performance in the classroom and community. To ready our students for future careers, technology is incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum with our 1:1 iPad Program.

Duchesne's co-curricular activities ensure that all students are able to develop their individual gifts. From championship athletics to performing arts and service organizations, our programs encourage students to find unique niches that complement their education. Our campus ministry integrates faith into all aspects of our curriculum and student life. Retreats, sacraments, Christian service, and prayer groups create an atmosphere where students pursue the chance to make a difference in our world and cultivate personal relationships with God.