Duchesne House Program

The House System enables us to more effectively fulfill the mission of Duchesne by fostering leadership skills, expanding our mentorship program to all students, increasing service participation, all while building a stronger sense of community.

Students will be given greater control of their non-academic time to explore different issues relevant to teenagers, work in a larger capacity with the leaders of the school, participate in ongoing service opportunities, and compete in friendly competitions.

Our House System will make the transition to high school easier by providing a sense of belonging in a small community across all levels, interests, and activities.


Students play a major role in managing everything from mentor groups to the overall governance of the House System.  With the help and support of the Communio Teachers, students will receive age-appropriate leadership training and support. 

Many of our students are in defined leadership roles, where others lead by example and work behind the scenes.  Whatever their leadership looks like, the goal is to teach and provide opportunities to form tomorrow's leaders.


During Communio, mixed grade level groups will provide students with the opportunity to establish relationships across all age ranges.  The benefit are twofold; students have a guide during their first years at DHS, while later on, they get the chance to support others later in their high school careers.


With this system in place, students will have greater opportunities to participate in service, both within our Duchesne community and the surrounding area.  Each House has partnered with an organization to help fulfill its mission.


The House System fosters a sense of community and belonging from the moment a student walks in the door.  The core family values at the heart of DHS are enhanced and further reinforced by this collaborative and caring program.


Each of Duchesne's houses will be comprised of four mixed grade level groups, with each house having faculty and staff advisers. 

There are two student Captains of the house, one male, and one female.  The Officers are four additional students, three each representing an area of the Duchesne mission and one responsible for the spirituality of the house - Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul.

Points will be awarded for a variety of different competitions, these events will be based on mind, body, and spirit.  Houses will compete for the "House Cup", which will be awarded at the end of each school year.


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