The office of Campus Ministry requires an annual retreat for each grade level in order to offer students an opportunity to reflect and to make resolutions to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors participate in a one-day retreat during school hours while seniors go on an overnight retreat. These are all required for graduation. The Duchesne faculty also go on an annual day of retreat as well as engaging in a spiritual development program throughout the school year. 

  • Freshman Retreat takes place during a school day in September. Seniors assist with this retreat day. 

  • Sophomore Retreat is in April and is led each year by the Archdiocese's REAP team retreat ministry.

  • The Junior Retreat is followed by a week of service.

  • Senior Retreats are within the first week or two of school in August. Split into two retreat groups, the retreats are student-led and take place over two nights.

  • Each year in February, our faculty spiritually renew themselves on a one-day retreat.