2022 Athletic Grade School Summer Camps

  • Duchesne hosts a variety of athletic summer camps during the summer. Please contact Sandy Mohrmann at smohrmann@duchesne-hs.org or at 636.946.6767 ext 6902 if you have any questions.

    Please note: Registration is not complete until payment is received.

    Listed below are camps being offered this year:

  • Boys & Girls E-Sports Camp, June 27-30 in Tech Center, $55.00, NO Tee Shirt included
  • Boys Baseball, June 13-16 at Blanchette Park, $95.00
  • Boys Basketball, June 6-9 in Duchesne Gym, $55.00
  • Girls Basketball, May 31- June 2 in Duchesne Gym, $55.00
  • Girls Danceline, June 6-9 in Duchesne Performing Arts Center $60.00
  • Boys Soccer, June 20-23 at Duchesne Field next to Tennis Courts, $55.00
  • Girls Soccer, June 20-23 at Duchesne Field next to Tennis Courts, $55.00
  • Girls Soccer June 20-23 at Duchesne Field next to Tennis Courts, $55.00
  • Boys & Girls Track, July 5-8 at Duchesne Stadium, $30.00
  • Boys & Girls Tennis, Date June 6-9 at Duchesne Tennis Courts, $55.00
  • Boys Volleyball, July 5-8 in Duchesne Gym, $55.00
  • Girls & Boys Volleyball, June 27-30 in Duchesne Gym, $55.00
  • Please complete this form, using one form per child. Registration and payment must be received before first day of camp. Each camp will hand out a tee shirt. Please note: No refunds will be granted after May 23, 2022.

    Please mail payment to:

    Duchesne High School Summer Camps

    2550 Elm Street, St. Charles, Missouri 63301

  • Tee-Shirt Size (each camp will hand out a tee-shirt)
  • Returning Camper
  • WAIVER OF LIABILITY By checking box below we, the parents, agree not to hold Duchesne High School or the attending staff liable in the event of any accidents or injuries that may occur while our child is attending the camp(s). If we cannot be reached in the event of an emergency we also give our consent for the camp staff to obtain through a physician or a hospital of its choice, such medical care as is reasonably necessary for the welfare of my child, if he/she is injured in the course of camp activities.
  • PERMISSION FOR INCLUSION IN MEDIA AND INFORMATIONAL MATERIALS By checking box below we, the parents, authorize Duchesne High School and/or the Archdicese of St. Louis to publich, reproduce and/or display photographs or video images ofour child in news feature stories, media and marketing materials, or other informational materials. We understant that these marketing materials include, but are not limited to, news releases, advertisements, school brochures and fliers, and content on the Duchesne Website.
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