New Orleans Hospitality

May 25 to June 26, 1818

Overarching Essential Questions:

  • What do you know about St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and her quest to fulfill her life dream, compelling her to travel from France to the Missouri frontier?
  • How long are you willing to wait for your dream to come true?
  • Is it worth facing obstacles to pursue your dream?
  • How can obstacles become opportunity/building blocks in your life?

Topical Questions and Objectives:

  • Acknowledge gratitude for gracious hospitality and how that equates to welcoming immigrants. What is gracious hospitality?  Do we practice it?  How did the gracious hospitality of the Ursuline community allow Philippine (an immigrant) to continue on her mission?
  • Compare and contrast the United States past and current political climates as well as the nation’s policies toward immigrants in the early 1800’s versus today.
  • How has the political geography of the Louisiana region transformed since 1818? Research the region’s historic conflicts and how they played into the political temperament of the region. (War of 1812, territories to states, port area with an influx of immigrants, growing national hostility toward Native Americans and land rights, etc.).
  • While waiting to hear from Bishop DuBourg, both petty and large problems mount for Philippine and her traveling companions. UNCERTAINTY becomes a huge obstacle:  When will Bishop DuBourg correspond with them about their mission? Where will Philippine and her companions be sent and how will they get there?  Will there be enough money left to travel and set up their school? The Ursuline community has been so welcoming.  How will they be greeted by their new community?
    • Is it worth facing obstacles to pursue your dream?
  • Click here for common resources.

    The resources below are designed to help students immerse themselves in Philippine's preparations for her journey to America.  Pick and choose from the activities listed in suggested order.

K-2 Instructions for Welcome to the New World & Hospitality.pdf  

Welcome to the New World & New Orleans Hospitality.pptx

Welcome to the New World & New Orleans Hospitality.pdf


The Old Ursuline Convent:  A New Orleans Museum

Old Ursuline Convent Tour Video

    Lesson 4 Primary Sources.pdf

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