Overarching Essential Questions:

  • What do you know about St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and her quest to fulfill her life dream, compelling her to travel from France to the Missouri frontier?
  • How long are you willing to wait for your dream to come true?
  • Is it worth facing obstacles to pursue your dream?
  • How can obstacles become opportunities/building blocks in your life?

 Topical Objectives:

 Students gain an appreciation and empathy for the brutal hardships Philippine and her travelling companions endured for over two months on the transatlantic voyage aboard the Rebecca.

  • Students use historic maps to trace the route and timeline of Philippine from Bordeaux, France to the first sight of land near Cuba and ultimately New Orleans.
  • Students investigate historical and modern wind-powered vessels, navigation, speed and efficiency and nautical orienteering.
  • Relate the recent solar eclipse (August 21, 2017) to the partial lunar eclipse Philippine and the crew experienced on their voyage, modeling differences and similarities.

Click here for common resources. 

The resources below are designed to help students immerse themselves in Philippine's transatlantic journey to America.  Pick and choose from the activities listed in suggested order.

K-5 Instructions for Bon Voyage PowerPoint.pdf  

Bon Voyage PowerPoint.pdf

Bon Voyage PowerPoint.pptx

Rebecca Template.pdf

3-12 Instructions for Personal Reflection Upon Our Own Journey-in-Life.pdf  

Personal Reflection Upon Our Own Journey in Life.pdf

K-5 Instructions for Lesson 3 Primary Sources and Coloring Book Page 12.pdf  

Lesson 3 Primary Sources.pdf

Coloring Book Page 12.pdf


How Big Was The Rebecca.pdf

Life on a Sailing Ship in the Early 1800.pdf

Ship's Bisket - Hard Tack: 18th Century Breads, Part 1. S2E12

A Summary of Reproducing the 18th Century English Sea Biscuit.pdf

Transatlantic Travel Comparison 1818 versus 2018.pdf

Sailing Ships Resources.pdf


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