Ocean Travel to the New World

February 15 to May 16, 1818 




 Philippine and her four companions finally set off on their journey to the New World.  Lesson 3 gives us a glimpse of the hardships of traveling by sailing ship in the 1800’s (crowded, stuffy sleeping quarters, narrow sleeping berths, seasickness,  storms, excessive heat, doldrums, pirate ship, fire on the deck, the stench from the hold – burst wine casks, rotting food, molding sea biscuits, contaminated water) and the need to pack your patience.

 Lesson 3 resources common to all grade levels. Choose one or more to share with your students.

Lesson Three Prayer to Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne.pdf


  Bon Voyage PowerPoint.pdf  

Lesson Three Primary Sources.pdf

Lesson 3 Timeline.pdf

Bernard Martial & Philippine Duchesne-Two-Missionaries to Louisiana.pdf


How Big Was The Rebecca.pdf

Ship's Bisket - Hard Tack: 18th Century Breads, Part 1. S2E12

A Summary of Reproducing the 18th Century English Sea Bisket.pdf

Transatlantic Travel Comparison 1818 versus 2018.pdf

200 Years of Catholic Education Dec 2017 Jan 2018  

Lettre 92 5-16-1818 Handwritten Letter from Philippine to Barat.pdf

Lettre 92 5-16-1818 in French.pdf

Lettre 92 5-16-1818 English Translation by RSCJ.pdf


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