Lesson 2: Grades K-2


Overarching Essential Questions: 

  • What do you know about St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and her quest to fulfill her life dream, compelling her to travel from France to the Missouri frontier?
  • How long are you willing to wait for your dream to come true?
  • Is it worth facing obstacles to pursue your dream?
  • How can obstacles become opportunities/building blocks in your life?

 Topical Questions:

  • Evaluate your personal possessions: What items do you consider essential for your physical and emotional well-being? 
  • Panhandling for funds was vital to the success of Philippine’s mission. Research the value of money 200 years ago compared to today, as well as predictions for the future.  How does Philippine’s example show us how God calls us to use our money wisely and with faith?
  • All long-term journeys (commitments) bring excitement and joy, as well as trepidation and loss. How can we follow Philippine’s example to process both personal joy and loss in our lives?

Click here for common resources. 

The resources below are designed to help students immerse themselves in Philippine's preparations for her journey to America.  Pick and choose from the activities listed in suggested order. 


Instructions for I Helped Philippine Pack Her Suitcase Memory Game.pdf

Instructions for PHILIPPINE is Packing and YOU are Packing.pdf


Packing List For The New World.pptx

Philippine Packing List.pdf

Student Document PHILIPPINE is Packing.pdf

Student Document YOU are Packing.pdf

Truly a Treasure Ciborium St Louis Review.pdf

K-2 Instructions for Companions on Your Journey.pdf  

Companions of Philippine Duchesne on the Rebecca.pdf

Coloring Book Page 11.pdf

Philippine Bubble Map Graphic Organizer Worksheet.pdf

Bubble Map Graphic Organizer Worksheet.pdf

List of Philippine's Companions on Her Journey.pdf


Instructions for Saying Goodbye.pdf  

Lesson Two Primary Sources.pdf

Flat Philippine Front.pdf

Flat Philippine Back.pdf




1818.2.28 Handwritten Letter from Philippine to Barat.pdf

Letter 2-18-1818 Read Aloud in French


Letter 2-18-18-18 Read Aloud in English

Lettre-89-2-28-1818-English--Translation-by-Louise-Déchelette Lauricella .pdf

Lettre-89 2-28-1818 English Translation by RSCJ.pdf

Trace Philippine Signature.pdf

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