iPad Program

Families and students own the iPad they use for school.  Duchesne does not charge for rentals or have a technology fee.  We ask that students bring their iPad every day, fully charged and ready for school.

Duchesne has partnered with Apple to provide our families a 10% discount on any Apple product.  Follow the link below to access the Duchesne/Apple Store.

Duchesne /Apple Store

Based on our experience we recommend the following specifications:

  • iPad 2017 or iPad Pro
  • 128GB or more
  • Apple Pencil
  • Protective case
  • Keyboard (could be integrated with the case)
  • No need for a cellular data package


If you have any questions regarding the iPad program, please contact Mrs. Kim Choinka, the Director of Technology at kchoinka@duchesne-hs.org.