Bicentennial Celebration in the News

Post-Dispatch Article from Philippine's Canonization   Missouris-Pioneer-Nun-by-Rice-Post-Dispatch.pdf  
National Catholic Register   The-Teaching-Witness-of-St-Rose-Philippine-Duchesne-in-National-Catholic-Register.pdf  
Philippine's Induction to St. Louis Walk of Fame   Announcing-the-Walk-of-Fame-St-Louis-Review.pdf  
St. Louis Review 3 Modern Pilgrims for Philippine   Three-Pilgrims-Journey-St-Louis-Review.pdf  
St. Louis Review Article on Discovering Philippine's Ciborium   Truly a Treasure-Philippine's Ciborium  
Mid Rivers News Magazine   200 years: The Academy of the Sacred Heart and the pioneer woman who founded it  
Archdiocese of New Orleans   Sainted Sacred Heart Foundress Had  Pioneer Spirit  
St. Louis Public Radio   Catholics Commemorate 200th Anniversary of Bishop DuBourg's Arrival to Missouri  
St. Louis Post Dispatch Article  

The leaders of the St. Louis Roman Catholics

St. Louis Review - Bishop DuBourg's Arrival   Bishop DuBourg's Arrival 200 Years Ago Helped Transform St. Louis in to the "Rome of the West"  
St. Louis Review - Crossing a Frontier    Crossing a Frontier  
St. Louis Post Dispatch   Sister Acts: 200 years ago, nuns became St. Louis pioneers  
St. Louis Review   From corn-husk shoes to old-time habits  
St. Louis Post Dispatch   'Rose-colored glasses' provide vision for St. Louis  
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