Distance Learning Plan

Student Directions

The school building will be closed to regular classes until April 6.  We will be working with the Archdiocese of St. Louis to continue monitoring the COVID-19 spread and determine if classes on campus will start that day or if we will continue distance learning.

Distance learning cannot replace the benefits of an in-person class, but the teachers are going to do everything they can to make the lessons provided meaningful and with as little disruption to the regular coursework as possible.  The intention is not to replace the experience a student would have in his or her classroom, but to support them with continued learning while away from campus.



The school has utilized eLearning days periodically – these are not those types of days.  In our Distance Learning Plan, the schedule is modified so that only four classes meet, at a set time each day.  Students will follow their classes each day.


Monday and Wednesday

Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4





Tuesday and Thursday

Period 5


Period 6


Period 7


Period 8






Office Hours



Students will be required to log-in to Google Classroom at the start of each class that day at the appropriate time in order to check-in.  Teachers will be keeping track of who is “attending” class and whether they are late (more than 5 minutes).  Families will be able to track attendance in PowerSchool like normal.

The exception to attending the class is Unscheduled Time, students do not have to do anything or check-in with anyone if they are unscheduled.  Every course will have its own set of expectations and requirements, please be sure you understand what is required for your classes.  How a teacher wants you to utilize you time in those classes will depend on the teacher and course.  If you have specific questions, please ask them.

Office Hours is a chance for students to reach their teachers “live” outside of the scheduled class period.  As we encourage students to go meet with teachers if they have any questions, these Office Hours provide that same opportunity.  There is no attendance requirement on these days.


Class Instruction

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period/class.  Teachers will put an attendance comment into the Google Classroom Stream and students will comment that they are present. 

Class will begin through instructions in Classroom.  The class could take many forms including but not limited to: lecture, group assignment, reading, test, quiz, or discussions in the Stream section of Classroom.

If they are to go into Hangouts, they need to open the program and accept the invitation.  Students will be able to toggle back and forth between Classroom and Hangouts.  On most newer iPads the programs can be split on the screen and have two windows open at the same time.


Important Points

  • It is important for students to remember to log-in to Google Classroom and Google Hangouts with their school email address and not a personal account.
  • As the schedule indicates, classes will only be meeting twice a week. The reduced class time places a much greater emphasis on individual learning. Students should anticipate full days of study after their classes officially end.
  • Parents will not be getting attendance calls during this time. We will be tracking the attendance by class, but parents will not be notified each day.  Parents can check PowerSchool to see the attendance.

Primary Apps Used

Students were instructed and tested many of these procedures before they went on Spring Break.  If you are having any problems, please email Mrs. Choinka at kchoinka@duchesne-hs.org.  In case they have forgotten or need a reminder, please see the instructions below.

  • Google Hangouts.
    • Students are to download Google Hangouts onto their devices.
      • If you are setting it up make sure you use you Duchesne email account to register.
    • Once you log into Hangouts you will need to go to the top left corner and click on the three lines to navigate to invitations.
      • If your teacher is using Hangouts for a lesson, then that is where you will find the invitation to join the class.
      • This will not appear until the teacher starts the class so be patient.
    • In order to use your video and audio in Hangouts you will need to go to your settings on your ipad and go down to the bottom left and find your Hangouts app and turn on notifications and audio and video.


  • Google Classroom
    • To log into Google classroom. There are two ways:
      • Use the Google Classroom app on your ipad and select your class, at the bottom of the screen three options:
        • Stream - That is where group discussions and attendance take place. 
        • Classwork is where you go to get assignments and turn in work.
        • People are the other members of the class.
      • If you are using a browser instead of the app. Go to google.com and sign in.  Click on the rubric in the top right corner (9 dots).  Look for the Classroom icon and click on it.  Once you are in you will see the same as the directions as above.


The adjustment to distance learning may be challenging for students.  I am asking parents to help create an environment that supports their student during this time.


Establish routines and expectations

Class starts at 8:00 a.m. each day.  It is important for students to be ready for class each day, staying up late at night will not help them be ready for class in the morning.


Define the physical space for study

It is important that there is a regular and appropriate space for study.  It will need to be quiet and suitable for learning.  There is a reason that people who work from home have an “office” and not do work on their bed. 



During this time, it is going to be very important that students are communicating any questions they have with their teachers.  Teachers will be available live for the student during their scheduled class and during Office Hours on Fridays.  It is also appropriate for students to email teachers outside of those hours.


Encourage physical activity and/or exercise

Be sure your student gets out to exercise.  Our co-curriculars may be suspended, but it is important that students do not just sit around the house playing video games!  This could also be a great opportunity for your child to pitch in more around the house with chores or other responsibilities.


Stay Connected

Keep connected with friends and classmates.  Why not form a Hangout and eat lunch together and talk about the strategies you have learned about distance learning?  Talk to your family about what you are feeling and any struggles you are having.  Email your teachers if there is something you are struggling with.



Families without internet at their house may be able to get free access for 60 days through Charter’s Spectrum Internet, see this link for more details.  AT&T is also working with families during this time, click this link for more information.  If a student is not able to access the internet, they need to call the Main Office at 636-946-676 in order to let the school know so we can work out some other arrangements in getting the assignments.

Download printable Distance Learning Plan