Rebeca McKelvey
DHS Bowling Team Coordinator
We had a great time during our 2018-2019 inaugural season.  We have bowlers of lots of different levels of experience.  Some have bowled on competitive teams before and some had never picked up a bowling ball until last last year.  We are a no cut team, although our sport is a varsity sport, and our team of 10 did very well this year. We are a co-ed team, and the kids are all very welcoming.   Our coaches are awesome volunteers. 
 We have a female coach Shameka Binns, and a male couch Johnny Ngyuen. Last year coach "Meka" and Johnny gifted our team new bowling shoes, balls, and bags.  As they both work full time, we are working on scheduling try outs in August.  The season starts in September and it is very long.  It ends in May.  Meets are on Sundays usually at 10am.  We try to be very flexible given the length of the season, so that folks don't have to make every meet.  (Usually not an issue if we have a large team like we did this year).  Some of the kids play other sports, and since our season is long they are able to do that.  We had tennis players, and football players on the team last year, and they were able to do both.  (The football players-didn't start until the second half of the season-January).
We have a mandatory practice once a week at Cave Springs Lanes. We have an optional Saturday practice too for those that want more practice time. We are looking at when practice time/date will be for this year.  You can go on twitter and see some of the fun we had last year, including pictures of our banquet.  Our twitter handle is @bowling_dhs.  We post all meet schedules, league rules, photos, and practice schedule on a free app called Team App.