Guidance Welcome

Duchesne High School is firmly committed to the growth and development of its students in mind, body and spirit. Our faculty and staff work in partnership with parents toward the academic and personal success of each student.

Acknowledging that adolescence is a period of substantial growth in all areas, Duchesne offers a team of professionals who provide personal, academic and college/vocational guidance. Our counselors are always available to provide information and encouragement, helping students develop decision-making and problem-solving skills that will maximize their high school experience and prepare them for the future.

Meet Our Guidance Team!

Mr. Gene Tinsley is our Guidance Counselor, may be reached at 636-946-6767 ext. 6908 or

Mrs. Dawn Stille is our Learning Consultant who supports both educationally and medically diagnosed students challenged by their disabilities.  She may be reached at 636-946-6767 ext. 6907 or

Parents of diagnosed students should be aware that in order to access accommodations, your student's diagnosis needs to stay current, so please be aware of the expiration date of your child's re-evaluation. Re-evaluations are required every three years to stay current. Students with an ADD/ADHD diagnosis, or any other medical/educational condition that impacts learning, must provide the school with either a neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation to access accommodations.

Care Team

More than ever before, students today face social, emotional and familial challenges. Sometimes, it's not possible for students to separate their personal problems from their lives at school. That's why Duchesne's counselors and faculty have developed a specialized Care Team to identify and address the needs of at-risk students.

Using a process that promotes interdepartmental collaboration on behalf of the student, the Duchesne Care Team seeks to help our students achieve their potential by working through problematic issues. All team members may suggest students in need of Care Team assistance. The team gathers information about the student's specific situation, designs an individualized plan to help the student, and continues to monitor him or her until the problems have been resolved.

By bringing together resources from different areas of our school community, the Care Team can provide faculty members with innovative ways to address and solve obstacles to classroom learning. More importantly, the Care Team ensures that our students have a compassionate advocate during challenging times.