Spirit Week/Coronation



DATE:    Saturday, February 3

COST:  Tickets will be $15 dollars per person for the ceremony and dance. They will be sold during lunch periods beginning Monday, January 22 and extending through Friday, February 2.  Those wishing to attend the ceremony only will be charged $5 dollars payable at the door.

CEREMONY:   7:30 – 8:00 (Doors will be locked at 7:30 when the ceremony begins.  No one will be admitted until ceremony is complete.)  The ceremony is NOT a pep rally.  It is held with great decorum to honor those on court and their escorts. We ask that you hold your applause until each young woman and her escort is introduced.

ATTIRE:  Semi-formal type dress.  Ladies wear dresses appropriate for a catholic school event.  Keep in mind that if it is too short, too tight, or too revealing we will ask you to go home and change.  Gentleman should wear a sport coat and tie, dress pants, dress shoes, dress shirts. (If you do not have a sport coat it is okay.)

DANCE:  8:00 – 10:30 Note:  Students must be in the dance by 8:00 or they will be turned away.  (Do not make dinner reservations on a Sat. night at 6:00 and think you will be at Duchesne by 8:00.)  Students must remain at the dance until 10:00.

This is not a mixer.  You do not need to have a date to attend however most who attend either have a date or come with a group of friends who attend Duchesne.  You may only invite one date/friend from another school and we ask that you arrive with them.

Remember, you are responsible for the behavior of any guest your invite from another school.  Guest Forms can be found on the website under Dean’s Page, in Mr. Clodius’ office, and in the pocket shelves between the bulletin boards outside the cafeteria.  A PROPERLY FILLED OUT GUEST FORM MUST PRESENTED TO MR. CLODIUS TO REVIEW AND STAMP BEFORE YOU MAY PURCHASE THE GUEST TICKET.

A purse, bag, backpack, etc. will not be allowed in the PAC.  If not left in the car, students who bring any of these items inside will need to check them in the supervised check-in area.  If they need to get their bag, etc. during the evening, one of the faculty will check its contents before returning it to them.

We want Coronation to be a fun event where we all enjoy ourselves.  We expect students to be on their best behavior.  Lewd dancing, jumping up on the stage or into the crowd, passing people around on top of the crowd, etc. is not allowed.

IMPORTANT:  A number of students will be randomly chosen at the door and asked to move to a secure area where a Breathalyzer test will be administered before they will be allowed to enter the dance.  Please do not take a chance and come to the dance under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  This ruins the night for that person, all of his/her friends, and the entire school community.  A St. Charles police officer will be in attendance, vehicles in the parking lot may be checked, and our Breathalyzer will be available to be used throughout the evening at the discretion of the administration.