Reading Day is December 18

What the heck is a Reading Day?

This is an opportunity for students to meet with teachers anytime after the Adopt-A-Family mass until 1:00 p.m. to answer questions or get extra help. Some teachers will have specific topics they may be covering at certain times, where others may leave it up to students to decide what they need to ask about.


How will this help my student?

Allowing students time to get extra help during school hours, so as to not have to worry about practice times and rides, is helpful.


My student says this day is optional.

This is not an optional day.  We count this as a school day.  The Adopt-A-Family mass is that morning, some students will deliver the gifts to families after mass and teachers will be available to help the students with any last minute questions or problems they may have.


How long do they have to stay?

Teachers will be available until 1:00 p.m.; students can stay for as long as they need.  The building will be open to 8:30 p.m. that day.  If a student feels they do not need to ask any questions, they may leave after Mass.  It is also foreseeable that some students may leave and come back – especially those delivering the gifts to the families.


Do kids go to each class?

A student can go to as many or as few teachers as they deem necessary.  There is no set structure to the day.  Individual teacher may tell students what they are going to be discussing at certain times, but there is no set schedule to the day – more like what they will see on their college campus.


How does the exam grade figure into their final grade?

Semester grades are figured using 40% of first quarter grade, 40% of their second quarter grade, and 20% of the exam grade.


If I don't have an exam, do I have to attend school?

Students only need to be in school when they have exams.  We would ask that they not leave and come back, that when they are here, they stay until they are finished.