Eucharistic Procession

The Feast Day of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne is on November 18 and we will celebrate with mass at 8:30 am and a Eucharistic Procession from 9:30 - 10:00.

How far is the walk?  Do they march both ways?

The walk is about 1.5 miles – most of it downhill – but everyone will be bussed back to school after visiting the Shrine of St. Philippine.

 What is a Eucharistic procession?

It is a journey from one holy place to another led by a Bishop or high ranking cleric holding a monstrance with the Blessed Eucharist exposed. During the procession, the faithful recite prayers and sing sacred songs.

 Why celebrate St. Philippine's feast day like this?

There are three reasons.

 First, we especially honor St. Rose Philippine by imitating her. As an early missionary, she walked thousands of miles to bring the Good News to others. And so, we walk a mile and a half in order to follow her witness and bring the Good News to the streets of St. Charles and to honor her tomb.

 Second, Eucharistic processions are a public witness of our faith in Jesus Christ's presence in the Eucharist which is the "source and summit" of our faith.  On the feast of our patron saint, we have much to commemorate, much to thank God for, and much to ask for in the years ahead.

 Third, our school is the only high school in St. Louis, and probably one of a very few in the United States, and even in the world, that is in close proximity to the body of the saint we are named after. This makes us utterly unique among all the Catholic schools in St. Louis and is a fantastic opportunity for us to emphasize our identity and devotion to our saint.