Track Meet Results

Medals were awarded to the top three teams in each event.

Boys Events:

Shot Put: First place - Nick Dashner, Jake Vonder Haar, Brad Pryor and Tom Malloy
High Jump: First place - Nick Wilder, Joe Lloyd and David Jones-Richerson
Discus: Second place - Nick Dashner, Jake Vonder Haar, Alexi Leos and Tom Malloy
Sprint Medley: Third place - Phil Michalek, Mike Deluvia, Connor Scott and Jay Dosland

Girls Events:

4x1600 Meter Relay: First place -Abby Smegner, Maggie Noble, Ali Bader and Liz Cheli
4x800 Meter Relay: Second place - Ali Bader, Abby Smegner, Maggie Noble and Sarah Goetges
Discus: Second place -Erin Neuner, Becky Thompson, Kendra Jensen and Natalie Punzo