Warm Weather Dress

Warm Weather Dress Code

Beginning the start of school until October 1 and again May 1 until the last day of school unless modified due to weather conditions:

1. If students choose to wear shorts, the shorts must be a DRESS WALKING short; khaki or navy in color with no external pockets or cargo pockets. They should be of the pleated or flat "Dockers style" and SHOULD NOT EXTEND BELOW THE KNEE. No large cargo pockets are allowed on the legs.

2. YOUNG LADIES may wear khaki or navy Capri style pants. These must be of the dress variety with no ties anywhere, or cargo pockets allowed. Capri's must be hemmed not fringed or cuffed. They may not be rolled up.

3. A regulation Duchesne polo must be worn. T-shirts or sleeveless shirts are not acceptable.

4. Dress shoes, athletic shoes, or leather sandals with socks must be worn. No flips, thong sandals, slip on shoes, etc. are allowed.