Mathletes Rule

On Wednesday, March 14th, the Duchesne Mathletes attended the Archdiocesan Math League Contest at Bishop DuBourg High School. There are six schools in the League. Duchesne won more than 50% of all the awards.

Representing Duchesne (with their individual awards) were: Seniors Cecelia Deken, Todd Pieper, and Nick Sallwasser (8th place)

Juniors: Jamie Bader (7th place), Patrick Brennan (9th place), Clara Hughes, Paul Hughes, Allison Jung, Robbie Lawson (4th place), Holly Plackemeier (6th place), Natalie Punzo (3rd place), Andrew West, and Jessica Wilder (10th place)

Sophomores: Alex Dultz ((8th place), Jarrod Jerowski, Maddie Pashos (7th place), Nick Pashos ( 7th place), Tim Reilly (6th place), Alexis Sallwasser (9th place), Anna Schmidt ((5th place), Will Schneider (4th place), and Alison Swearingen (2nd place).

Freshmen: Areli Aragon, Ali Bader (10th place), Casey Bader (8th place), Matthew Birgen, Anthony Buchholz (2nd place), Tori Kleitz, Doriann Krieger (6th place), Maggie Michalak (7th place), Jakob Mueller, Molly Mullen (3rd place), and Madeline Wappelhorst.

In addition to the individual awards, Duchesne also won six of the possible eight team awards. This is an outstanding achievement! Ribbons were won by:

3rd place: Nick Sallwasser, Clara Hughes, Alexis Sallwasser, Jakob Mueller
4th place: Paul Hughes, Patrick Brennan, Tim Reilly, Ali Bader
5th place: Andrew West, AllisonJung, Alison Swearingen, Matthew Birgen
7th place: Robbie Lawson, Holly Plackemeier, Nick Pashos, Anthony Buchholz
8th place: Jamie Bader, Anna Schmidt, Molly Mullen, Casey Bader

The Mathletes were accompanied by Mrs. Cindy Kerkemeyer and Mrs. Barbara Schlueter.