Duchesne Winter Sports AAA Conference Results

The swim and dive team did very well:

Breezy Hollandsworth - 100yd Butterfly - 3rd Place Medal
Caroline Killeen - 500yd Freestyle - 3rd Place Medal

400yd Freestyle Relay - 3rd Place Medal
Natalie Wick
Breezy Hollandsworth
Caroline Killeen
Alex Dultz
Emily Sallade

All Academic

Alex Dultz, Breezy Hollandsworth, Emily Sallade, Sarah Dobbs, Caroline Killeen, Sarah Wappelhorst, Carolyn Wappelhorst, Becky Thompson, Natalie Punzo, Liz Cheli, and Dorianne Krieger

State Qualifier - 1 meter Diving-Becky Walsh


Girls Basketball also did a great job in the conference:

Janelle Eisenbath - 1st team

Brigitte Reilly - 2nd team

Savannah Pieper - Honorable Mention

Morgan Plackemeier - Honorable Mention

All Academic Team

Brigitte Reilly, Holly Mills, Janelle Eisenbath, Courtney Reimer, Claire Skaggs, Savannah Pieper, Katie Sportsman, and Ryan Kielty


Boys Basketball had a super year in the conference as well:

Ryan Tune - 1st Team

Drew Moore - 1st Team

Ryan Tune - Player of the Year

Clay Stulce - 2nd Team

Sam Briscoe - 2nd Team

Michael McDonald - Honorable Mention

All Acedemic Team

Nate Friedel, Clay Stulce, Jared Mosquera, Alex Moore, Drew Moore, Ryan Briscoe, Sam Briscoe, Doug Swann, Jace Genenbacher, Ryan Tune, and Brad Pryor.

Coach Bouslog - Coach of the Year!


Congratulations on a job well done.