Science Olympiads State Bound (again)!

Science Olympiad STATE BOUND 4th year in a row!!

Congratulations to the Duchesne Science Olympiad Team for placing 3rd  (out of 18 teams) at regional competition, qualifying to compete at state competition April 18th.

Individual winners:

               Second Place:

                              Air Trajectory:  Lee Swearingen & Jake Krussel

                              Dynamic Planet:  Nathan Logan & Andrew Sweeso

               Third Place:

                              Astronomy:  Renate Mueller & Brendan Maloney

                              Bridge Building:  Abby Rothweiler & Liz Buchholz

                              Fossils:  Anthony: Buchholz & Liz Buchholz

                              Mission Possible:  Tony Deluvia & Nathan Logan

                              Protein Modeling:  Brittany Krafft, Jana Richter, & Abby Rothweiler

                              Scrambler:  Nathan Logan & Brendan Maloney

                              Technical Problem Solving:  Anthony Buchholz & Jakob Mueller

               Fourth Place:

                              Bungee Drop:  Abby Rothweiler & Liz Buchholz

               Fifth Place:

                              Wright Stuff:  Lee Swearingen & Jake Hearst

               Sixth Place:

                              Experimental Design: Jake Hearst, Anthony Buchholz & Jakob Mueller

                              Entomology:  Jakob Mueller & Jana Richter

                              Forensics:  Tony Deluvia & Lee Swearingen

               Seventh Place:

                              Compound Machines:  Renate Mueller & Nathan Logan

               Eighth Place:

                              Disease Detectives:  Brittany Krafft & Jana Richter

                              Geological Mapping:  Tony Deluvia & Andrew Sweeso

                              Green Generation:  Tony Deluvia & Brendan Maloney

                              It’s About Time:  Anthony Buchholz & Andrew Sweeso

                              Write It Do It:  Jakob Mueller & Renate Mueller

               Ninth Place:

                              Cell Biology:  Brittany Krafft & Jana Richter

               Tenth Place:

                              Chemistry Lab:  Anthony Buchholz & Jakob Mueller


Top school scores:

               1st- John Burroughs 62 pts                                           3rd- Duchesne 123 pts

               2nd- Ladue           65 pts                                                 4th- MICDS 135 pts