The winning swimmers were:

200yd Medley Relay - 1st place - Breezy Hollandsworth, Alex Dultz, Sarah Dobbs and Caroline Killeen.
200yd Freestyle - 1st place - Natalie Wick
200yd Individual Medley - 1st and 2nd place - Breezy Hollandsworth and Sarah Dobbs
100yd Butterfly - 1st, ,2nd 3rd place - Breezy Hollandsworth, Sarah Dobbs and Sarah Wappelhourst
500yd Freestyle - 1st place Emily Sallade
200yd Freestyle Relay - 1st place - Sarah Dobbs, Natalie Wick, Caroline Killeen and Breezy Hollandsworth
100yd Backstroke - 1st place - Carolyn Wappelhorst
100yd Breast Stroke - 1st and 2nd place - Alex Dultz and Emily Sallade
400yd Freestyle Relay - 1st place - Sarah Wappelhorst, Grace Ponciroli, Natalie Wick, Emily Sallade