The Pioneer Blast

The Pioneer Blast is Duchesne High School's prime source of weekly updates. Student run by the Newspaper Class, "The Blast" has come a long way since its formation in 2014. Originally, it was meant to be similar to NBC's "This Week In Pictures" segment, in order to recap the past week in one consolidated place. Ever since the introduction of the iPad, Duchesne has been able to move away from producing the classic quarterly Newspaper, to make the news more relevant and available on a weekly basis. The Newspaper staff covers all topics from recommendations on Netflix, to updates on Clubs and Sports, to The Papal Visit. Check out some of our issues to see an inside look at all of the things going on around the school.

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DHS CYC Rec Team Goes Viral

On January 10, a team of Duchesne seniors won their first CYC basketball game of the season in style. The first play of the game was a flawlessly executed Hail Mary shot straight into the basket by Duchesne's varsity quarterback, Andrew Clark. A video of the play recorded by Mitch Fairless went viral in a matter of days, spreading across social media platforms and even reaching #4 on SportsCenter's Top 10 at its peak. Like every great moment in sports history, there was a legendary story behind the play, and the reporters at the Pioneer Blast were eager to find it

Behind the Blackboard Series

Behind the Blackboard, the newest development from the Pioneer Blast, is a series of video interviews with members of the Duchesne faculty and administration. The interviews cover a wide range of topics, from each teacher's unique curriculum, to their personal movie preferences, to whether or not they have ever taken a selfie. The series began in January of 2016, when Duchesne's newspaper class first expanded into the school's website and wanted to produce original content for the Internet.


Behind the Blackboard with Mr. Nolan

In the first entry of the Pioneer Blast's new interview series Behind the Blackboard, junior Andrew Sweeso sits down with Duchesne president Charles Nolan to discuss the issues that are most pertinent to the interests of the Duchesne student body. Nolan, who returned to Duchesne as president this past fall, served as an English teacher from 1977 to 1986 and as Principal and Administrator from 1991 to 2000. He has also served as an assistant principle at Ursuline Academy and Chaminade College Prep, as president at St. Pius X in Festus, and as vice president at Cardinal Ritter College Prep.