Dream Home Sweepstakes

Dream Home Sweepstakes Grand Prize Drawing Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Grand Prize Drawing for Duchesne's annual
Dream Home Sweepstakes! The tickets were drawn at the conclusion of last night's 
Pioneer Expedition Dinner Auction.

We sincerely thank everyone who bought tickets this year and for your support
in helping our students grow every day in mind, body, and spirit!

The winners, sellers, and award amounts are listed below.
If you have any questions, please contact the DHS Office of Advancement at 636-946-2603.


Grand Prize:  $120,000 or $150,000 towards home construction

Grand Prize Winner:  Jill Goeke

Sold by:  Ken and Amy Booth

2nd Prize:  $5,000

2nd Prize Winner:  Holly DeBoard

Sold by:  Michael Boschert

3rd Prize:  $1,500

3rd Prize Winner:  Maribeth Huddleston

Sold by:  Maribeth Huddleston


3rd Prize Winner:  Frank Scheetner

Sold by:  J.T. Schwarzbauer


3rd Prize Winner:  Trista Parmentier

Sold by:  Duchesne High School

4th Prize:  $750

4th Prize Winner:  Rose & Brian Hill

Sold by:  Luke & Noah Meixner


4th Prize Winner:  Mary Ann Loewe

Sold by:  James Loewe


4th Prize Winner:  Mike & Gail Kinnison

Sold by:  David Kinnison


4th Prize Winner:  Terry & Lynne Wuelling

Sold by:  Rob Loewenstein


4th Prize Winner:  Greg Owen

Sold by:  Gloria Owen

5th Prize:  $500

5th Prize Winner:  Mark Busken

Sold by:  Jack Busken


5th Prize Winner:  Doug Weber

Sold by:  Claire Weber


5th Prize Winner:  Jason Gregus

Sold by:  Tom "Cutter" Schneider


5th Prize Winner:  Bill & Tracy Elmendorf

Sold by:  Bill & Tracy Elmendorf


5th Prize Winner:  Don Schappe

Sold by:  Les & Rosalee Echele


5th Prize Winner:  Jim Schmitz

Sold by:  Duchesne High School


5th Prize Winner:  Tom & Sheri Clark

Sold by:  Sheri Clark


5th Prize Winner:  Laura Hamtil Klages

Sold by:  Duchesne High School


5th Prize Winner:  Cleo Estill

Sold by:  Duchesne High School


5th Prize Winner:  Vicki Grant

Sold by:  Craig (Clayton) Vogt