Applying from a Public School or Home School

For students applying for ninth grade admission from public, private or non-Catholic parochial schools or homeschool, please apply in the fall of your eighth grade year. Here's the process:

  • Fill out the application and select Duchesne as your first choice school!
  • Send Form B of the application to your current school as soon as possible.
  • Your school will forward your sixth, seventh and eighth grade transcripts to us.
  • Send Form C of the application to your PSR principal, if enrolled in PSR.
  • Duchesne will mail acceptance letters on February 1, 2019.
  • Registration for the DHS Class of 2023 will take place on February 14, 2019.

If you are late in the admissions process, please call Karen Timmons, Director of Admissions and Marketing, at (636) 946-2603 or for assistance.